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    The year is 2825 c.e. The apocalypse has come and gone. The meager, growing population has crawled from their pits to carve out their new lives and landscape. The country side is littered with ruins of the United States, a fallen society most feel is best left in the past. Lawlessness thrives and in between the sparse villages, roving bands of cannibal carnies roam, making travel dangerous.

    But in the desolation lay scattered jewels of culture and refinement. The largest diamond of the new world is the city-state of Wildwood Improper - A place of wondrous inventions powered by the sun and innovations that the ancients thought only fantasy. Masses pour into the city improper daily, determined to make a name for themselves against the odds of a tightly held caste system and dreaming to one day live in the lavish palaces modeled after the city's founding families'.

    Still, even Wildwood has its darkness. Along the edges are said to be the spirits of nature plotting against the expansion of man. Rumors and horror stories of strange creatures scurrying through the city's elaborate subterranean like rats run rampant. The art of magic is strictly outlawed, and those caught practicing it are served severe punishments likened to Medieval Europe's torture.

    This is a world of airships that sail the winds on solar rays. This is a world of rudimentary wash closets. A world where the automobile is a rare sight. A world not overrun with the noises of highways, radios, and humming electrical lines.

    This is Wildwood. Wildwood is what you make of it.

    The Wildwood Cooperative is a group of writers gathering to enjoy the art of communal writing and collaborative story-telling. Some would call us a text-based RPG. Some would call us nerds, but hey, who cares as long as it's fun, right?

    Is it Steampunk? Not really. Is it Greenpunk? We're not sure. When the concept of Wildwood first hit infancy, the term Greenpunk wasn't even coined, and Steampunk wasn't thrust into the spotlight as a vogue sub-genre. Wildwood just is. There's no point in attempting to explain it, because you'll just go mad.

    We welcome you to check out Wildwood - The best damned Western-Gothic-Steampunk-Greenpunk-Neo-Victorian-Gaslight-Horror-Romance-Western-Organized-Crime-Adventure RPG out there. Or as Meganne would say, Get your crazy right here, bitches!
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